Sunday, October 3, 2010

For the Love of Germany

Work. An excellent place with lots of unpleasant people. The people I work with are kind and interesting and honestly some of the best I know, but...

When I talk about my life, any part of it, I always feel like I'm being challenged on all sides as to what and how and why I live my life my way.

Unpleasant things do get brought up and tempers lost... mainly mine, but in the end work is work and Ill continue to work until they stop paying.

One instance sticks to my mind. And at the moment I wont forget it. Maybe further detail is needed for others to understand, but it boils down to this: the experiences Ive had do not need to be challenged. I don't need your constant opinion on why I should or shouldn't think my life a certain way. Ive done quite well on my own and just because you're a year older than I am and think yourself so high above me doesn't mean you're free to express your opinions on my clothes, my hair, my opinions, or my life.

I am much obliged.

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