Sunday, November 7, 2010


Something that I have never been able to conquer, and something I find extremely important for my thinking process, provides the most amount of stress in my life, and will probably end up biting me in the butt more often than not is...

I am a procrastinator.

I have been since I was young and my mother would tell me to clean my room and several hours latter, after shoving most of it under my bed, tricking my younger/older sister to clean the worst part of it, playing with my cat, sneaking outside, riding my bike, getting called back in, eating dinner, and finally getting scolded by my mother for not finishing, Id eventually get done.

Of course, months latter my mother, on a grand cleaning spree would discover my secret stash under my bed, and that disaster would take days for me to get finished.

Its a process, and something that Ive discovered helps me create some of my best work, and some of the greatest disasters anyone has ever had the luck of stumbling upon. Middle school vocabulary tests were probably the lowest point for me, but now that I have the fortune of pursuing higher education, it only effects me in certain assignments, essays.

Now, I hope my teachers will NEVER find this, because every essay Ive ever done I might have spent... two to four hours on. Writing is truly the bane of my existence and I loath it as much as I can enjoy anything else, but a few days before its due Ill start scheduling in my mind the work I need to get done... and maybe 24 hours before its due Ill get started on it.

Of course, this is something my parents absolutely cant stand, something my friends sigh at, and something that causes me way too much stress.

I have no problem studying for tests or practicing some vocabulary or planning ahead for a project (important ones :P ) but writing always causes this issue for me.

Now instead of games Ill find things to do like... watch TV, or surf the internet. I find those extremely diverting, but now, a day and a half before I have my essay due, I'm sitting in front of the computer with no ideas for it, migraine headache, and finally getting started on, what is probably, one of the most daunting essays I have ever written.

Wish me luck.

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