Saturday, September 25, 2010

Strong Breeze

During the seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall.... and most of Winter my family has their windows open.

Maybe it has something to do with how much better the air feels outside than inside. The gentle breezes throughout the warm months and icy, strong sweeps in the winter ones. When their closed it feels like we've been cut off from a part of the world.

The noises and smells aren't always amazing. Sometimes the sounds of life coming from the general direction of the back yard (a small business) drive me insane. The constant chattering from those ladies sucking on cigarettes tends to make the hair on my neck stand up and the one gentleman who never seems to stop whistling off key... he can just go.

But... when we close the windows and tuck ourselves away in our pleasant little house their sounds disappear.

Ive been wondering if maybe, just as much as we hear them, they hear us. If the fights and laughter and singing my family tends to, floats over to them on occasion or maybe constantly. I think of all the times I sing in the shower or yell at my brother and ... maybe they do hear us just as much as I hear them. It doesnt really emberase me, but it makes me start liking them a little more. It does, in a kind of way, tie our lives together, and maybe I should start enjoying that little old man who just cant whistle.

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  1. Hannah, That is beautiful.

    That is exactly what writing prose is all about...Conveying a picture...not just a picture, but a picture that is wrapper up in emotion.

    I sit in Wichita and I read your words and I feel what your words are saying. If I had never been there I would have a better picture than if I had because the feelings that your words bring out.