Sunday, September 26, 2010


I did a stupid thing today.

I went through the pictures of all you guys, from the year. my year.

Its weird to think of but Ive been home for... three months now.

And looking at all the pictures of all you guys didn't help me out.

I wish anne louise had left hers up. Hers were the best. The best of the best.

I miss the people. Not really the places as much, but the people I talked to and got to know. As hard as it was, its easier than now.


  1. I really understand this. After my month in Paris last year, I stopped blogging and reading the blogs of my friends about Paris because it was too painful. I fell deeply in love with a city and miss it so much it hurts.
    I'm enjoying your blogs and they images they create. Cyber hugs heading your way.

  2. I still do that pretty much everyday. Just go through photos and think. In one of my classes, when we get a free day, the teacher pulls out these packets of questions and starts asking us random questions. He starts with a question about "Which river, running through France..." and I can think of nothing but Paris and my day strolling through the dirty city. Then someone else buzzes in an answer, and he gets it right. "Which school of thought was founded in Weimar, Germany and consists..." I think of everything at Germany, starting with language camp. No matter what, each question seems to connect to my exchange. I don't answer a single question the entire time. : )