Saturday, January 1, 2011

Old Past Dies Hard

Facebook is, in short, amazing. It lets you meet people you know in person and maybe get to know them.

What it really does; however, is allow you to pretend you're friends with a lot of people and slowly but surely lose contact with people who probably could have been life long friends, over a short period of time.

Today I spent a while looking at pictures of people I knew from school. People I liked and talked to every day, but never got around to knowing. I was always that one girl that was nice, gave some sound advise, but never really entered into their life's problems.

Was that what I wanted? To be a shadow. In truth, I think so. I dont like drama. I find it stupid, time wasting, and infuriating. Over the course of my life Ive learned a little about human folly and the innate sense of self importants in all issues. Of course this applies to me as well, but in friendship I always try to turn it around.

They tell you to pick your friends carefully, and I find that lesson the hardest to learn. The people who I could've been friends with, could've gotten to know, were my closest friends, and now a distant memory.

Its my own fault.

But in some odd way, I feel relieved.

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