Friday, January 7, 2011


I was asked once, in the heat of a debate with a large group of people, what do I think freedom is.

I gave my answer, clearly and honestly and without any hesitation. I believe freedom is the right to free speech, to own land, to bear arms, and to vote without others knowing who Ive voted for.

I was told, after that statement, that I was being too literal, reading it right out of a book, not being sincere, a mere regurgitation of what I'd heard before.

Maybe if I had been more eloquent about my words and said: "My freedom is to be able to purchase any kind of jam or jelly I want, and be offered as many as I want," than maybe they would've listened to me. But I'm saying it now, in whatever words I want.

My freedom is to speak my mind and have no concerns about the safety of myself or my family. To make friends with whomever I chose and have no need to worry about political or religious orientations. To have a free market where if I have the money and wish to purchase something, I may do so without my governments consent, and if I so chose to own a legal weapon for the safety of my family and myself. And the freedom to love whom I wish how I wish and have as many children (or the lack there of) as I wish.

I don't understand why I was chastised for my views on freedom, but I do know this, if anyone ever attempts to take them away from me, I will fight, and it will be a fight to recon with.

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