Sunday, February 13, 2011


School. Work. Homework.
School. Work. Homework.
School. Work. Homework.

Its all I do. Its all Im made to do. I feel like it will continue for the rest of my life.

School. Work. Homework.

I need a vacation. Not just a week away, spending my time in the sun or enjoying a good book with some orange juice and fast food, not a week in the mountains with clear skies and adventures beyond every tree.

I need a true and long and glorious vacation.

What I mean is, I need a new life. I need time to explore a new city and make new friends, find a new job and attend a new school, where hopefully for a long time it will feel like a vacation from now rather than School. Work. Homework...

For those of you who have spent your life sedimentary in one place. Living in the same house you were born in or knowing the same people you've known since kindergarten... good for you. But Im not built that way. I cant live that way.

For the majority of my conscious life Ive moved on average every four years. I meet new people. I explore new places, find new interests... and then I move on. Ive kept a few friends, the good ones, the ones that matter, from each place, but for the rest of it I put it in a box labeled: Last Adventure... and I move on.

Colorado Springs. I loved living in you. I loved the places and the mountains and the adventures Ive had, but I cant stand you any more. You're turning into a bad rash that no matter how much I itch never seems to have any relief. Please, understand that as much as you've helped me, and many doors that you opened for me... I already consider you as something of the past.

And yet Im still here.

And its not going away.

School. Work. Homework.

I need to move on.

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